The Daily Tightrope Walk

This week seemed like an appropriate time to chat about the daily tightrope walk between work, kids, life, and all that comes with it.  I’m very fortunate to be able to work from home a few days a week.  Without the flexibility of my job, I really have no idea how I would gettightrope anything accomplished.  Our schedule for the week –

Sunday – get back at night from a vacation after 13 hours in the car (rough, I know).  Kids are cranky to start the week.

Monday – work, daycare, kindergarten orientation mid-morning (how the hell are people supposed to accommodate these crazy school schedules that are ever-changing?), pool is being replaced and I can’t think straight enough about where to put the abundance of random rocks the previous owner has everywhere so put them in a pile and that will be tomorrow’s problem, water the porch plants because they keep dying (put buy new plants on to-do list), grandparents show up to “visit”.  They are mad because they planned a random camping trip and we have plans (insert attempt to figure out scheduling into tomorrow’s agenda).  Get kids into the shower so I can clean up from dinner and get them to bed.  They want a story but I’m too damn tired (fail – see future rant on reading), get them to bed – phew.  One wakes up – he had an accident- deal with that mess.  The other one wakes up, bad dreams and refuses to go back to bed.  She’s notorious for fighting with me in the middle of the night.  Sleep a bit?

Tuesday (so far) – work – the boss is very pissy and I’m sure it’s a matter of time until it’s my turn to be the target.  Attempt to be productive in the meantime but the network at the office can’t handle the size of my file and keeps crashing (super).  Screw it and let files recover while I catch-up with the office staff, buy LIVING hanging baskets, a few 2-for-1 plants, dip for a party Saturday and pick-up lunch for the girls in the office.  Get back to office and the files still aren’t cooperating.  Have a few conference calls that were actually productive (yay!) and opt to drive home so I have a working network.  I grab the kids on the way home to save myself a trip.  Groceries were delivered and I now have flower petals all over the back of my car (yay!).  Ok, all of that is taken care of and the flowers are watered.  I tell the kids no to mac and cheese 80x – done.  I sent them to the basement playroom so I can eat the raspberries that just came – alone.  They ate all of the cucumbers yesterday.  They eat food as fast as I buy it these days!  Sitting down to work a bit more before we eat something before the baseball game that won’t end until after their bedtime.  Amazing how much we do in a day even when we just hit the highlights.  🙂

I’m tired of typing, so not even going to go into the rest of the week at this point.  You get the drift.  Welcome to the zoo!

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