Life Goals

I promised myself I would accomplish this today and although they need a little refinement, it’s a good start.


  1. Short-term
    1. Raise happy, healthy kids
    2. Spend more time near the water, preferably the ocean – work remotely and just go
    3. Travel – spend the $$ and just do it
    4. Make time to visit good friends even if it means driving in the car
    5. Reduce work stress – it’s just not worth it
    6. Reduce time with family and friends that create drama – it’s just not worth it
    7. Try harder to not be angry for mom for not being around for me or the kids – it’s just not worth it
    8. Splurge (responsibly) – you can’t take it with you
    9. Read – you love it – make the time on the porch alone for a real book and a glass of wine
    10. Evaluate what I want out of a relationship
  2. Long-term
    1. Work part-time by the age of 50
    2. Get the f*** out of this area during the winter once the kids graduate from high school